CRC Industries UK, based at Bridgwater, Somerset, is a formulator and manufacturer of a wide range of speciality compounds for industry including aerosol and silicone based products.


CRC UK will manage its environmental performance, prevent pollution, ensure compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and deliver continual improvement through the development, implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 14001.


To achieve this, CRC UK will:


1                    Work closely with our clients to identify and evaluate the environmental impacts of products


2                    Use, where practicable, environmentally sound operating practices and technologies


3                    Set and review annually objectives and targets to maintain and improve performance in these areas that have a significant environmental impact. In particular:


        Ensure safe and efficient storage, handling, use and transport of all materials

        Manage all processes to reduce emissions to air and discharges to water

        Optimise the use of fuels, energy, water and raw materials

        Reduce waste by process improvement, re-use and re-cycling

        Ensure safe and efficient storage, handling and disposal of all wastes

        Maintain accreditation to ISO 14001




This policy is available on the CRC UK website at




Issue No 1

August 2004

ISO 14001:1996 4.2 Refers